Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Energy efficience is still not on the priority list of most of the population around the world, but the awareness about the problem is growing. People still do not care that much about energy consumption, especially when it comes to the kitchen and the appliances inside it.

However, the kitchen is packed with a whole series of smaller and larger appliances which consume both electricity and water. It takes only a few minutes of your time to get to know yourself about the basics of energy saving. So, before you choose your new kitchen appliance, spend a little time to check its energy grade and the level of efficiency.

Also, saving energy is not only a consequence of using a better, more efficient machine but the way you use the machine. For example, running a machine on a lower temperature setting will reduce your energy consumption
without lowering the quality of the job. Your dishwasher will do just as good of a job on a slightly lower temperature setting. Furthermore, try to use the dishwasher only when you fill it up with dishes.

How to recognize an efficient appliance?

Manufacturers have a responsibility to produce appliances which adhere to strict standards and other regulations. However, some of the products are of lesser and some of greater quality. Hence the difference in price. You should be careful to search for the products with better energy efficiency grade. Products rated „An“ are the ones to go for since they consume the lowest amount of electric energy. Also, have a look at the water consumption in washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers and so on.

Energy efficiency does not only include water and electricity. Gas and other fossil fuels are also used in kitchens to provide energy for cookers, hobs, and ovens. Most professional cooks and a lot of people use gas stoves, as opposed to electric ones. They find them more controllable and easier to use. Check out these products for the energy efficiency grade, too.

Tips when choosing appliances

Other factors have a big role when it comes to energy consumption, other than the efficiency grade. Before you get your new oven or a blender or a dishwasher, you should think about a few other things as well. First of all, think about the size of your new appliance, minding the available space you have. Also, make sure you think about the price of a product because sometimes it is wiser to buy a more expensive model if it means money saved through lower electricity consumption in the future.

Ask the seller about the special offers reserved for energy efficient appliances. Some distributors will offer lower prices for higher energy grade appliances because these are sometimes subsidized by the state.

Finally, find the Energy Star logo. This will signify a much better efficiency when compared to another model of the same range. The U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA operate the Energy Star program jointly.